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Lead Breaks & Interesting Video Clips

Here's a selection of video clips, show casing some of Glenn's studio lead breaks and some interesting video clips. Going back in time to the Old Grey Whistle Test with Rocka Rolla and Dreamer Deceiver / Deceiver in 1975 to appearances on Top of the Pops in 1979 with Living after Midnight and Evening Star.

The 1986 official Judas Priest video for Turbo lover see's Glenn playing one of his favourite lead breaks on the guitar synthesiser, whilst the 1990 official Painkiller video shows Glenn at his brutal best carving out one of the greatest heavy metal licks of all time.

Moving on with the Gibson wired for sound interviews, Glenn shows off his guitars from Hell and talks about adapting his own unique style. The next 3 videos are shot at Glenn's studio where he demonstrates his old faithful bar room Gibson Les Paul and demonstrates some Priest lead breaks on his Hamer guitars.

No professional guitarist is complete without his Guitar Tech and here we see Greg "Weasel" Morgan showing us round some of Glenn's stage kit. Finally the most recent clip is an interview with Glenn on EMG TV.

Video Clips

1975 Old Grey Whistle Test - Rocka Rolla

1975 Old Grey Whistle Test - Dreamer Deciever / Deciever

1979 Top of the Pops - Living AFter Midnight

1979 Top of the Pops - Evening Star

1986 official music video for Turbo Lover

1990 official music video for Painkiller

Gibson - Wired for Sound

Glenn Demonstrates various Guitars

Glenn Demonstrates Guitars and Solos

Glenn Guitar Lesson

EMG TV Backstage with Weasel

Glenn interview on EMG TV

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