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Lead Breaks - Video

Here's a selection of video clips, show casing some of Glenn's most popular Judas Priest lead breaks illustrating Glenn's guitar techniques through the years played on a selection of different guitars. First we go back in time 35 Years to the 1982 Live Vengeance Tour with "Victim of Changes", played on the famous Black Gibson SG. Still in 1982 we are Live in Memphis with the SG for "Electric Eye" and then the Black Strat for "Metal Gods". Again Glenn shows the raw power of the SG at The 1983 US Festival.

Moving on to the 1986 Fuel for Life Tour we see the appearance of the Hamer Phantom in "Rock you all around the World" and the Hamer GT with "You got another thing coming". On the 1986 "Electric Eye" Tour in Dallas we see The Hamer Phantom put through its paces with "Hell bent for Leather", "Private Property", and "Turbo".

The Black Hamer Phantom appaers again in 1991 "Rockin in Rio" with All Guns Blazing", then 2004 sees us on the Reunited Tour with the haunting "Touch of Evil" solo. In 2005 we are Risng in the East with the classic Live track "Im a Rocker", played on a Hamer Custom GT, followed by Master Piece solos on "Beyond the Realms of Death", and "Pain Killer", beutifully delivered on the Hamer Phantom.

Last we are in 2009 at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena for some Hard Rocking with "Free Wheel Burning" and "Grinder".

Live Videos

1982 Live Vengence Tour - Victim of Changes

1982 Live In Memphis - Electric Eye

1982 Live In Memphis - Metal Gods

1983 US Festival - Victim of Changes

1986 Fuel for Life - Rock you all around the world

1986 Fuel for Life - You got another thing coming

1986 Electric Eye Dallas - Hell Bent for Leather

1986 Electric Eye Dallas - Private Property

1986 Electric Eye Dallas - Turbo

1991 Rockin In Rio - All Guns Blazing

2004 Reunited Tour - Touch of Evil

2005 Rising In the East - I'm a Rocker

2005 Rising In the East - Painkiller

2009 Seminole Hard Rock Arena - Free Wheel Burning

2009 Seminole Hard Rock Arena - Grinder


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